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+ 1 - 0 | § IMAX 3D camera will fly on Hubble mission.

(Link) | For 2010 3D movie on history of Hubble.

+ 1 - 1 | § “Ya know what? We’re beginning to think our slogan doesn’t suck too bad after all this [expletive] here.”

(Link) | This, to me, is fascinating.


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28 September 2007

+ 0 - 0 | § Next-Generation Spaceflight Update

richard garriottI posted a while back about a story from the Korean media reporting that famed game developer Richard Garriott was going to be the first "second-generation astronaut" in an upcoming commercial spaceflight to the International Space Station via Soyuz.

Space travel agent company Space Adventures has now officially announced the flight, scheduled for October 2008, and Garriott has established a homepage for the flight.

I don't really have anything new to add myself since my last post about it, but I still think this is just incredibly cool.

Keywords: altspace,garriott,international_space_station,roskosmos,skylab,soyuz,space

+ 0 - 0 | § Space Race '08

white house at nightAnother installment in my series of posts about space-related comments by presidential candidates:


Dodd said that “we’re doing okay” and left it at that. Biden professed his support for robotic programs, and when asked about human spaceflight, said, “With clear leadership we can do anything, good luck.” Kucinich said he would double spending “across the board on civilian projects and privatize where we can”, and gave a shout-out for NASA Glenn Research Center, in his district. Richardson said spaceflight was “important” and added that “we should also encourage private companies”, as he has been doing in New Mexico. -- Space Politics, 28 September 2007

It joins the previous entries:

Rudy Giuliani

"He said he supported continuing to aggressively pursue space exploration." -- The Tallahassee Democrat, 5 April 2007

Newt Gingrich
"...he said he would ... offer a $20 billion reward for the first private company that successfully completes a Mars mission. 'Somebody would be there and back about 40 percent of the way into the NASA process.'" --, 9 June 2007

Mitt Romney
"Regarding NASA's plans to return to the moon and Mars, he said he hadn't decided if that was the exact plan he'd pursue, 'but I have no reason to change that at this point.'" -- Florida Today, 7 August 2007

Bill Richardson

"He did say that he sees space as 'a bona fide area of economic growth and opportunity'..." -- Space Politics, 4 June 2007

John Edwards
"I am a strong supporter of our space program. It reflects the best of the American spirit of optimism, discovery and progress.

We need a balanced space and aeronautics program. We need to support solar system exploration as an important goal for our human and robotic programs, but only as one goal among several. And we need to invite other countries to share in a meaningful way in both the adventure and the cost of space exploration." -- A Blog Around The Clock, 9 July 2007

Keywords: politics,space

+ 0 - 0 | § STS-120 Update

STS-120 patchDiscovery is scheduled to begin its six-hour roll-out to Pad 39A tomorrow at 7 a.m. CDT for the STS-120 mission. According to the current schedule, launch is 25 days away.

Keywords: launch_schedule,nasa,space,space_shuttle,sts_120

27 September 2007

+ 0 - 0 | § Next Year

Despite the fact that this is apparently eight years old, I'd never seen it.

Keywords: apollo,music,nasa,space,youtube

+ 0 - 0 | § Rising Dawn

launch of dawnNASA's Dawn spacecraft launched this morning on a Delta II rocket, beginning a four-year journey to the asteroid belt, where it will encounter the dwarf planet Ceres and the asteroid Vesta. Through an unprecedented study of these two bodies, scientists hope that Dawn will help them learn more about the early solar system.

Keywords: nasa,space

24 September 2007

+ 1 - 0 | § STS-120 Update

STS-120 patchPer NASA:
On Sunday, technicians moved space shuttle Discovery from its processing hangar to the Vehicle Assembly Building. Once inside, the orbiter was rotated into a vertical position and hoisted so that technicians could begin attaching Discovery to the external fuel tank and two solid rocket boosters atop the mobile launch platform.

Discovery is currently scheduled to roll out to Launch Pad 39A on Sept. 30 in preparation for its launch on mission STS-120, targeted for Oct. 23. In advance of the shuttle's arrival, technicians will transfer to the launch pad the payload canister containing the International Space Station's Harmony module.

Keywords: ksc,launch_schedule,nasa,space,space_shuttle,sts_120,vab

18 September 2007

+ 0 - 0 | § Who Wants To Be An Astronaut?

astronaut pinPer NASA:
NASA is accepting applications for the 2009 Astronaut Candidate Class. Those selected could fly to space for long-duration stays on the International Space Station and missions to the moon.

"We look forward to gathering applications and then being able to select from the largest pool possible," said Ellen Ochoa, NASA's chief of Flight Crew Operations at the Johnson Space Center. "Continuing our impressive record in successfully carrying out challenging human spaceflight missions depends on maintaining a talented and diverse astronaut corps."

To be considered, a bachelor's degree in engineering, science or math and three years of relevant professional experience are required. Typically, successful applicants have significant qualifications in engineering or science, or extensive experience flying high-performance jet aircraft.

Teaching experience, including work at the kindergarten through 12th grade level, is considered qualifying. Educators with the appropriate educational background are encouraged to apply.

After a six-month period of evaluation and interviews, NASA will announce final selections in early 2009. Astronaut candidates will report to Johnson in the summer of 2009 to begin the basic training program to prepare them for future spaceflight assignments.

NASA will accept applications through July 1, 2008. To apply visit:

Keywords: astronaut,nasa,space

17 September 2007

+ 0 - 0 | § STS-120 Update

STS-120 patchPer Spaceflight Now:
Engineers are assessing an apparent hydraulic leak in the shuttle Discovery's right-side main landing gear strut. If internal seals have to be replaced, launch on a space station assembly mission could slip a few days, officials said today, but they cautioned that it's not yet clear how long such repairs might actually take.

The leak was discovered during routine testing in preparation for the shuttle's rollover from its processing hangar to the Vehicle Assembly Building for attachment to an external fuel tank and solid-fuel boosters. As of Friday, rollout to launch pad 39A was targeted for Sept. 27, setting the stage for launch Oct. 23.

Keywords: launch_schedule,nasa,space,space_shuttle,sts_120

05 September 2007

+ 1 - 1 | § Today In History

voyager 1

On this date 30 years ago, Voyager 1 began the journey that has led to it being the most remote object created by humanity.

Keywords: history,nasa,space